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keylogger mac os x software by Hack email password records various activities performed on your Apple Mac OS machines. Now you have the Mac Log Manager monitoring software for mac users to record Keystroke details, Clipboard contents, USB mass storage devices insertion and removable activities with facility of keylogger mac to capture screenshots (along with Skype video call screenshot) at periodic interval of time.

Email password hacking software for Mac records various internet activities including typed URLs, email composed, search engine search history, chat messages (with use of Yahoo chat, Gtalk chat, Facebook and more) and other similar activities with option to operate mac monitoring software in hidden mode. Keylogger for mac os x is password protected which prevents external user to operate the spyware for mac program. Highly user interactive mac osx keylogger generates the report of log in HTML file format so that you can view overall computer activities of the external user.

Keylogger for mac is available with 30 days trial. You can use freeware keylogger for mac to evaluate and understand keylogger osx features and working. Place order to get monitoring software mac licensed version..

• Email password cracker software keeps track on system and internet activities when working on mac machines
• Email password hacker program for Mac OS X records complete keystroke details.
• Keystroke logger software monitors clipboard activities
• Keyloggers software also tracks USB device insertions and removals with timing details.
• Mac Key stroke logger software records system and internet activities on mac osx installed computers.
• Keylogger for mac os x captures screenshot details for visual evidence.